Quick Post Idea – Use Infographics

what-is-an-infographicAre you looking for a quick and easy post idea? Here is a tip for creating useful posts your readers will love and share.

First, find an infographic that is related to your topic. Do a search for your keyword and infographic. For example, if your blog is about vegetable gardening, you might search for “vegetable gardening infographic,” “gardening infographic” or “vegetable infographic.” You might also use related keywords and search for terms such as “organic gardening infographic” or “composting infographic.” There are infographics available for almost every topic you can imagine, so you will probably find at least a few.

Another way to find useful infographics is to search sites that curate infographics, including Pinterest. Many people love to pin infographics, so you will probably find entire boards filled with interesting and useful infographics. Additionally, browse the collections at:

Daily Infographics
Infographic Journal
Cool Infographics

Infographics are made to share, so most creators or sponsors of infographics will have embed code to easily add the infographic to your blog. If there is an embed code, just copy and paste it into your blog post. If there is no embed code, save the graphic to your computer, then upload it to your blog as you would any other image.

Write at least a few paragraphs summarizing the information contained in the graphic, pointing out a few especially interesting facts, sharing your own ideas on the subject or commenting on the topic of the infographic. The graphic is cool, but your comments will help your readers get more from it. And text lets the search engines know what the page is about and gives them something to index.

Be sure to credit the infographic creator. If you used an embed code it generally includes a link back to them. If you didn’t use an embed code, mention and link to the site that created the graphic. The site you found it on may not be the creator. Look at the graphic itself for clues.

Once your post is up, share it on social media. Pin it to Pinterest, share it on Facebook, tweet a link, etc. You may also want to email or tweet the creator of the graphic to let them know you used it in your post. They may promote your post, too. (This little tip has brought lots of visitors to my sites.)

Want to see some examples? Take a look at these recent posts of mine that are based on infographics:
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Next time you need a quick post idea, find an infographic you like, write a bit about why you like it, and share it with your readers.

Oh, and take a look at this infographic about infographics.
Want to make your own infographics? You don’t have to be a graphic genius when you use this DIY Infographics kit. Try it!

What is an Infographic?
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