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bloggerlinkupBloggers love using guest posts because it gives them a day they do not have to write, and it brings another perspective to their blogs. Bloggers and others love to contribute guest posts because they get visibility and links back to their sites.

Sounds like it should be easy, right? Bloggers want guest posts and other bloggers want to provide guest posts to them. What ought to be simple, though, is not. Finding good writers to contribute their content isn’t easy, and it is harder than you might think to give away your writing.

Until now, that is. I have recently launched a free service that makes it easy. With Blogger LinkUp, bloggers can find each other to request or contribute content. Need some guest posts while you are on vacation? Want to contribute to other blogs to get traffic and links? Blogger LinkUp was made forĀ  you.

Learn more and sign up at


  1. Hi Cathy
    This sounds like a great idea. I’ve signed up and looking forward to the first email. Good luck and I hope this works out well.

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