Cool Symbols for Twitter and Texting

symbolsEver wonder how people make those cool characters that you see in email subject lines, texts, Tweets and elsewhere? Wonder no more!

Characters such as the ones you see in the image at the left can all be created with HTML codes or by simply copying and pasting them. You will find a large collection of interesting and fun characters at CopyPasteCharacter. Simply choose the character you want, click on it to copy, then paste it into your message. There is even an app for your iPhone, available for just $.99.

The site features several sets of characters, including arrows, mathematical, punctuation, numerals, currency and more. The symbols set includes everything from umbrellas to stars, musical notes, chess pieces, recycling codes, flowers, zodiac signs and lots of others.

The “Our Favorite” set has many popular symbols or you can set up a free account and save your own set of favorites.
Have fun—but don’t get carried away!



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