Blog Carnivals Bring Links and Traffic

carnival.jpgA blog carnival is a collection of links to blog posts, usually on a similar theme or topic. Participating in blog carnivals can:

  • Establish you as an authority in your niche.
  • Send traffic to your blog when the carnival is posted.
  • Create lots of valuable one-way links to your blog.

A lot of bloggers are not familiar with blog carnivals, or may believe that they are not useful. Although blog carnivals may not result in massive traffic that crashes your server, I have found that they are simple and reliable sources of incoming links to my blog. And sometimes, they send hundreds of new visitors to my blog in a very short timeframe.

You can learn about blog carnivals at and look at a recent edition of my book marketing blog carnival.

There are carnivals on nearly every subject, and you will find them listed at To participate, just find one that is a good match to your blog content, then fill out the online form to submit a link to a recent blog post.

Only submit your best posts to blog carnivals. This will be many readers’ introduction to you, so make a good impression with quality content. Also, only submit to carnivals on your topic. A parenting carnival is probably not interested in your blog post about Search Engine Optimization.

The blogger hosting the carnival selects the posts that will appear from the submissions received.
Some publish every submission they receive, and others receive so many submissions that they can not use them all.

On the day of the carnival, the blogger posts links to all of the selected posts, sometimes with commentary, sometimes not. Some carnivals “travel” from site to site. If you would like to host an edition of a carnival, let the organizer know. The host usually chooses the posts that will be included in that edition, and posts the carnival to their blog on the scheduled date. Specifics depend on the carnival.

Hosting a blog carnival can get your blog a lot of exposure. You can even organize your own carnival. There is information on the site about how to register your blog carnival. It is free, and takes relatively little time.

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